Peugeot 604 Detailed Restoration - Pt.4

This car is currently offered for auction on TradeMe. See the index page for details.

N.B. this page describes a restoration dating back to 2001. The car has undergone several improvements since then. This page is not an accurate representation of the car's current condition.

Neat Engine

The new, additional fan neded a specific ventilation box custom made and fitted in the bulkhead. With these modifications, it is now possible to use both A/C and heating. I do not feel that I have depreciated the car's originality with them, as they could well have been performed on a new car; and indeed, I had fitted a secondary A/C unit on my brand new 604 GTI when I had bought it new in 1985.

Space for the new A/C unit The new A/C unit The A/C unit in place

Lastly, the ignition has been replaced by an electronic one from a Volvo. Tim also pressed me to "upgrade" to fuel injection, but I perceived this as taking too much originality away from my car.

Unpainted A/C unit Painted A/C unit Painted A/C unit

I have test-driven my "new" 604 for over 3000 miles. It runs beautifully and idles smoothly - even with all fans and A/C at full speed. The most striking is the increase in power and nervosity - the car just wants to accelerate and accelerate, and all of this seems to take very little effort.

My 604 is now probably the world's nicest. Anyone can deny this?

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