Peugeot 604 Detailed Restoration - Pt.2

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N.B. this page describes a restoration dating back to 2001. The car has undergone several improvements since then. This page is not an accurate representation of the car's current condition.

New engine mountsThe old style crossmember has been replaced by the later one (HPC coated in black) and new type engine mounts fitted - a modification recommended by Peugeot technical bulletins.

The car has received a brand new original V6 engine. It is the low compression version, so I can use 91 octane unleaded petrol - the cheapest one available here in New Zealand.

Stripped Front

Sitting on the engine, two original Solex carburettors - they are a few months old.

Engine bay Peugeot 604 Engine closeup Peugeot 604 Engine

All wiring looms have been redone and are new. I managed to trace the original clips and contacts - although they are not the best. I have fitted 4 brand new headlights, and they have protective "skins" made of transparent foil.

Empty engine bay Empty Engine bay Without the headlights

Every single hose, bracket, clip, ducting, nut, bolt, manifold, screw, spacer, pipe, etc. has been either replaced by a new one, or polished, painted, coated - whatever applicable and most original. Every single part in the engine bay is now under one year of age, or has been remanufactured to new condition. The GMS (basically, a Tri-Matic) automatic gearbox has been reconditioned and a brand new torque converter has been fitted.

Headlights The engine The engine on chains
Beats and pieces

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