President of France Giscard d'Estaing driven in a Peugeot 604The Peugeot 604 SL was the Presidential, Ministerial and Executive car in France and several other countries around the world. Its elegant, pure lines have been designed by Pininfarina. Only 153,000 Peugeot 604 were ever produced, making it one of the rarest Peugeots. Its main rivals were the 504 or 505 V6, but also the Renault 20, 30 or 25, Chrysler Tagora, Citroen CX, SM, XM. Its V6 PRV engine was also used in the Volvo 264, DeLorean DMC, Alpine Renault, Dodge Monaco, Eagle Premier, Lancia Thema made in Italy. The BMW 518, 520, 525, 528 and 530, Mercedes-Benz 230, 250 and 280, Ford Granada, Opel Commodore, Fiat 130, Audi 100, were some other competitors. The automatic gearbox is no other than the Holden / GM Tri-Matic (easy to maintain). The Peugeot 604 is a rear wheel drive, unlike its successors the 605 and 607.

Peugeot 604 main car and spare cars
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The car
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77 white 604
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77 brown 604
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78 white 604
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Peugeot 604 NEW spare parts
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Boots, manuals
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Peugeot 604 USED spare parts
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Box 1
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Box 2
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Box 3
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Box 4
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Box 5
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Box 6
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Box 7
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Box 8
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Box 9
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Box 10
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Loose parts
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This particular Peugeot 604 is a 1978 model, first registered in New Zealand in 1979. It had been ordered new by Mr Blair Webster, the owner of Campbell Motors.

Campbell Motors were the Peugeot importers and assemblers in New Zealand (403 , 404 and 504 models had been assembled in Otahuhu and in Thames). The 604 featured here had been assembled in Sochaux (France).

I bought this car from Mr Webster in 1997 and restored it faithfully to its original new condition.

This car was used on a regular basis for chauffeuring overseas visitors on extended tours of New Zealand and has a current COF (Certificate Of Fitness - same level of technical inspection as taxis or rental cars). It is at least as comfortable as a more modern car. (Click here to see my tour company's website).

I prefer to use older type cars for my tours around New Zealand, as I travel very often to remote locations, where the local garages or breakdown services would not be able to fix many of the modern features (i.e. electronic fuel injection) of a younger car.

It is a right hand drive, automatic and air-conditioned model. Chassis nr 604A33 6586080.

This car is maintained and serviced by Dennis Lowe of Manurewa (an Auckland suburb) who seems to know more about the Peugeot 604 than any other person in New Zealand (and the world?).

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Peugeot 604

All parts on this Peugeot 604 are new or as new. The main non-original components are the radio, some elements of the air conditioning system (two evaporators) and the remote central door locking; otherwise, the car is very original.

I have owned this car since 1997 and have done the following maintenance and upgrades (from latest to oldest):
  • manufactured new stainless steel shroud elements, plastic coated (appearance faithful to original)
  • orbital battery
  • new Bridgestone rotational tyres (Performance Tyres, Auckland)
  • new brakes (pads, rotors, hoses) (Just Brakes, Auckland)
  • Gano coolant filter
  • manufactured new 3-row high duty radiator (Real Deal Radiators, Auckland)
  • second evaporator for A/C system; custom ventilation system (European Auto Air, Auckland)
  • new shock absorbers (Centrelign, Auckland)
  • new original Solex carburettors, new alternator, starter motor, water pump and many other engine ancilliaries
  • new original PRV engine, torque converter (fitted in 2001 at 117,000 miles) (Fixations, Christchurch)
  • new, later model crossmember (upgrade recommended by Peugeot)
  • engine bay resprayed; all hoses changed
  • electric fuel pump fitted to replace the original mechanic pump
  • bare metal respray (Dornwell Panel & Paint, Auckland); regular touch-ups and resprays as needed since
Peugeot 604

This might be the world's finest example of a Peugeot 604 SL. This car is in a showroom condition.

Peugeot 604

This car is maintained and serviced by Dennis Lowe of Manurewa (an Auckland suburb) who seems to know more about the Peugeot 604 than any other person in New Zealand (and the world?)...

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